Which Projector Is the Best for a Home Theater? (And Why the VANKYO Performance V700W Might Be One)

Last update October 14, 2022
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You might think that a large TV screen is all you need for quality entertainment. In fact, you can up the game with one of the best HD projectors – and view movies, shows, or sports on your wall or an external screen. To get the movie theater-like viewing experience, pick one that really fits in with your setup and personal requirements. In this article, we’ll show you how to find the very best projector for your home.

How to Choose the Right Projector for You

How to Choose the Right Projector for You

If you’re lost among the many options – and not sure what exactly meets your needs, take a look at the criteria below. They will help you make the right decision and spend your money wisely. Remember: a projector must complement your home theater system, and not create a thousand more problems.

Picture Quality

Picture Quality

Projectors come in a variety of price tags and included features. Some are cheaper and more suited for business needs, while the others offer an upscale level of picture quality. Since TV-based home theaters are already good, there is hardly any point in paying less and downgrading your experience. Let’s have a look at the tech specs that are important for your choice.

The Full HD or 4K HD projectors are highly recommended for movies, sports, and gaming. Take full advantage of the big screen and the high level of detail while binge-watching your favorite shows – or beating fresh game titles. Since the 4K projectors are more than common these days, you won’t have any trouble finding one, online or offline.

Ideally, your model of choice should have a Cinema/Movie mode that meets the required quality standards and lets you fine-tune the picture for the best experience. Sports and gaming would require a very bright projector (2,500 lm or more) with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This way, there will be less motion blur when the images are moving fast. Avid gamers should opt for a projector with extra low input lag (16 ms or less). 

Room Size and Placement

Room Size and Placement

Projectors are all about the distance. Before you buy one, be sure to identify its position in the room and the maximum distance to the viewing screen. You wouldn’t want a long-range model in a small private room, and vice versa. 

If you’re picking a projector for a small to medium space, the typical distance between the device and the screen would be 5 to 8 ft., which is just fine for a short-throw model. If, however, you need it for a large living room – or a dedicated theater room – a standard-throw one is a better option, as it can project on a 100-inch screen at a distance of 8 to 13 ft. The best projector screens will reinforce the HD picture quality with the structure of their canvas.

Movie enthusiasts and theater room owners should decide on a higher-end projector. Unlike the cheaper models, this one can give you the deep black levels and a boosted contrast ratio, which makes for a more impressive and engaging on-screen image. Keep in mind, though, that such models are typically larger and heavier. It is best to permanently place them in a mount on your wall or ceiling.

The living room placement, on the other hand, is all about the brightness and color accuracy. Such picture feature as the High Dynamic Range (HDR) will give you a brighter image and more dynamic contrasts. The models that fall into this category are usually smaller than the theater room ones. As a rule, they come with built-in speakers, although not every one of them will sound really good.

Sound Options

Sound Options

The higher-end projectors may surprise you with the absence of a built-in speaker. Nothing too strange, though, as it is implied that the sound system should be on par with your viewing expectations. Unlike the quality projectors, budget models do normally have internal speakers. The problem is that such speakers are of mediocre quality. You wouldn’t want to spoil the movie with the subpar sound, right?

When choosing the external speakers for your projector, connectivity is very important. Look for the units that have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi option – or at least a 3.5 audio jack for connecting the speaker through a cable.

As for the sound features, those projectors that support Dolby Atmos must be on your list. This technology offers the natural, immersive, high quality sound that turns any viewing session into pure enjoyment. Double check if a projector has an HDMI eARC port for passing the Atmos audio to your home surround sound system. 

Our Top Pick: VANKYO Performance V700W

VANKYO Performance V700W

If you’re still going through your list – and still not sure what to buy, catch our free piece of advice. The VANKYO Performance V700W is up there among the best high quality projectors. Reliable and feature-packed, it does exactly what it was made for, bringing a movie theater experience right into your living room. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this projector well worth the money.

True Cinematic Experience

True Cinematic Experience

VANKYO never compromises on your viewing experience. It supports the 1080p Full HD and comes with the latest LCD technology. Enjoy your favorite movies and shows in premium quality, with rich natural colors and an impressive level of detail. The 420 ANSI brightness lumens and the 1000:1 contrast ratio give you the perfectly crisp and clear picture, turning your living room (or any other space) into a full-fledged movie theater.

Watch the fresh blockbusters or romcoms the way they were made to be viewed with this advanced projector. In case you’re into sports, replay the most intense game moments without missing out on anything. VANKYO transforms your viewer’s experience, bringing it in line with the latest industry standards.

Bigger – And Better

Bigger and Better

VANKYO has the potential to impress even the proud 60-inch TV owners. Now you can boost the picture size up to 120 inches – and do it without buying a third-party viewing screen. The latter comes free with the package, so you can experience the power and quality of this projector right off the bat. Unpack it, hang it on the wall, and dive into the latest flick or a newly released show.

You’ll definitely love the 1:1 fully immersive picture that will put you in the middle of the action. But if you want something more intimate, you can easily reduce the scale with the remote-controlled focus. Remember: what to watch and how to watch it will always be up to you.

Immersive Sound

Immersive Sound

Quality sound is no less important than the clear HD picture. VANKYO excels in this department as well, delivering the 360° sound for a boosted viewing experience. Audiophiles and regular viewers alike will be impressed with what this smart projector has to offer.

Dolby Surround Sound

The upscale engineering algorithms combined with tuning tech produce the true surround sound backed up by Dolby Digital Plus dual 5W speakers. The bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 and 5G/2.4G Dual Band mirroring will allow you to easily connect a speaker or soundbar. Enjoy the solid bass with crispy highs – and turn each viewing into an emotional journey.

Safe for Your Eyes

VANKYO Has Eye Comfort Certification

VANKYO doesn’t compromise on your health, reducing the eye strain with the low blue light emission and optimal color performance. It’s certified by TÜV Rheinland, a leading independent testing company, so be sure that this projector won’t go heavy on your eyesight. Planning to watch some movies with the kids? Go on – and focus on your entertainment without the worries or concerns. 

Green Packaging & Credentials

Our Top Pick is VANKYO Performance V700W

The VANKYO projector is made of environmentally friendly materials. The box is produced from recycled cardboard, while the ink is plant-based, coming from soybeans. Even the molded tray is eco-friendly and made of fiber pulp. The manufacturer takes every effort to preserve our planet and further reduce plastic usage.

In short, the VANKYO projector is a solid choice for a modern home theater. Even if you thought you had it all, it can take your system to a whole new level with the upscale image detail and quality. Spare yourself a drive to the movies – instead, sit back on the couch, grab some popcorn, and dive right into your favorite flicks without going out. A small spoiler: the experience will be well worth it.

In Conclusion

While modern home theaters are amazing in their own way, the quality projectors can take it all a few steps forward. Their biggest advantages are the upscale picture quality and a more detailed image projected on a bigger viewing screen. Thanks to this, your experience comes even closer to visiting a real movie theater in your location.

When choosing the right projector, consider the maximum screen resolution, your room size, and the sound options. The best projector for a home theater should offer the Full HD or 4K picture quality; be compatible with your room dimensions; and support external sound systems with the Dolby Atmos technology.

Buying an upscale projector may be costly, but your investment will pay off with a real cinematic experience in the comfort of your home.