Best Oil Reed Diffusers to Add a Pleasant Fragrance to Your Place

Review & Comparison, Last Update September 24, 2023
Pleasant scents evoke pleasant emotions. If you want to fill your place with pleasant fragrances, you definitely need to try a reed diffuser, an appliance used to perfume any living space with light scents of oils, creating a calming environment. Hopefully, this best oil reed diffuser review will help you choose a fragrant companion for your home. ...Read more ...Read less
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BEST 2023

A soft floral basic scent of this reed diffuser set will help you shake off stress after a busy work day in a relaxing atmosphere. Comes with a detailed reference guide.


A plastic cap on the bottle is a bit hard to remove. 


The OOJRA Oil Reed Diffuser is a gorgeous fragrance accessory that will not only fill your living space with exotic scents from around the world but will also bring luxurious ambiance and add chic to any high-profile event or celebration. Enjoy the scent of fresh flowers at your home!

detailed parameters

4 oz glass bottle 


8.6" x 2.5" x 2.5"


~ 3-4 months 


Rattan/ 10 pcs


 White tea and ginger/ 1 more scent available


A sleek stylish bottle of this model is well-made and boasts an individual design with a classic shape and a modern stripe etching to complement any decor interior.  


It's not the best option for those who don't like sweet scents. 


Containing high-quality alcohol-free fragrance oils, the NEST Oil Reed Diffusers offers a lush fruit scent that will definitely add to your home fragrance collection and indulge all your guests with exquisite sweetness. Thanks to a slowly releasing formula, you can enjoy the aroma for up to 90 days.  

detailed parameters

5.9 oz glass bottle 


8" x 3.75" x 1.875"


~ 3 months


Rattan/ 8 pcs


Grapefruit/ 1 more scent available


Votivo reed diffuser comes in a branded box and a glass jar with a signature hand pressed seal, proving its brand identity.  


An intensive aroma might feel a bit heavy when standing close to the diffuser. 


The Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser is a really great solution to take away unpleasant smells or odors from your bedroom, bathroom, hall or living room and fill your household with magic, rich and beautiful scents similar to those you smell in luxurious boutiques and ritzy hotels. 

detailed parameters

7.3 fl. oz glass bottle 


8" x 3" x 3"


~ 4 months


Rattan/ 10 pcs


Red currant/ 13 more scents available 


Comes fitted with a handy cork and therefore, doesn't allow oil evaporation even when you need to be away from home for a long time.


Some fragrances emit a kind of alcohol scent. 


Inspired by nature, Wild Lemongrass fragrance from the Chesapeake Bay Candle heritage collection will embrace you with a rustic charm of Maryland's shoreline, emitting a soothing yet refreshing scent. Owing to its intensive and long-lasting aroma, this model will perfectly fit living rooms, halls and other spacious premises. 

detailed parameters

5.27 fl.oz glass bottle 


11.1" x 3.5" x 2.7"


~ 3 months


Rattan/ 10 pcs


Wild lemongrass/ 13 more scents available 


The oil evaporation holds in the air for months. The soft lurking aroma can create incredibly homey and relaxed atmosphere. 


An efficient diffusion radius is about 10 feet. 


A small bottle with a bouquet of sweet all-natural fragrances will perfectly blend with the interior of a small bedroom or bathroom. Enveloping you in a warm vanilla aroma, it can uplift your spirits, giving a feel of serenity and joy.  Fill your home with fragrant exquisiteness! 

detailed parameters

3 fl.oz glass bottle 


9" x 2"x 2"


~ 2 months


Rattan/ 10 pcs


Vanilla/ 6 more scents available 


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The Best Way to Relax

It’s not a secret that the sense of smell is powerful and affects the way we think and feel. Understanding the benefits of aromatherapy, a lot of people seek a way to add a relaxing feel to their living space and many of them opt to buy a reed diffuser. This Oojra product is surely one of the best oil reed diffusers you could get to use in your place. Along with a fresh white tea and ginger fragrance that you'll feel right away, it emits delicate light floral scent so that you could feel like being on a patio or in the middle of the field in a cloud of flowers, inhaling a beautiful aroma of nature. This slightly sweet beautiful scent will help you shake off the stress, steady your nerves and bring comfort. Note that you can also choose jasmine reed diffuser and enjoy the sweetly exotic aroma.

Containing no alcohols, parabens or synthetic perfumes, the Oojra Reed Diffuser can be a great fit for use in any room, including a nursery. Yet, it'd be surely best if it's used in spas, bedrooms and other recreations where relaxation and serenity are the priority.  Bring the power of essential oils aromatherapy into your environment

Yet, a pleasant scent is only a part of a healthy living space microclimate. Humidity level is same important. A quality hygrometer will help you control the level of humidity in your dwelling in a comfortable way. 

Review of OOJRA Oil French Provence

A Classic Bottle

With the Oojra Oils Flower Reed Diffuser, not only will you be able to enjoy one of the most adorable aromas, you will also get a visual pleasure of looking at a beautiful bottle, enclosed in a sleek glass casing with a gold rim. The bottle capacity of 4 oz will be enough to enjoy the fragrance in a room for up to 3-4 months, depending on how many reeds you put in the bottle. The more reeds you use, the more intensive the fragrance will be, yet the shorter the usage time will be either. In order to give your place a gentle lingering scent that wouldn't feel too heavy, it's recommended using no more than 3-4 sticks (in a small premise). Some more detailed information on reed diffuser use and setup is given in an instruction manual included in the set. 

OOJRA Oil French Provence in the use

Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks

Like most oil diffusers of this kind, the Oojra Reed Diffuser comes with rattan sticks, each with tiny holes along the length for better fragrance diffusion. Matching the design of the diffuser, the reeds are colored black. The set includes 10 reeds, which allows using this set for a couple of cycles.  And of course, you can always get more reeds separately. 

Detailed review of OOJRA Oil French Provence

Directions to Use

Set up your reed diffuser appropriately to saturate your living space with unforgettable aroma.

OOJRA Oil French Provence application

Additional Info


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NEST Fragrances NEST08-GF

Exhilarating Scent

If you look for a scent that would refresh your place and uplift your mood, the NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser with a vivid citrus scent is what you need. Containing the highest quality essential oils, it offers a refreshing aroma blend of pink pomelo grapefruit, lily and coriander blossom. The rich aroma mixture makes it suitable for placing it in either room of your house. It can also be used in your office, thanks to its invigorating properties. With the NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser air freshener at your desk, you won't need to drink as much coffee since it helps stay awake for a long time. A 5.9-oz bottle will last for up to 90 days on a single oil refill.

If you live in a hot area or need a breath of fresh cool air on a hot summer day, think of purchasing a window AC. Compact and easy to install, it will perfectly cool your indoor environment.  

Review of NEST Fragrances NEST08-GF Includes notes of pink pomelo

Out-of-the-box Solution

The NEST pure and natural reed diffuser comes fitted with all accessories that you'd need to use it right out-of-the-box. In the package, you will find a glass bottle with a fragrance oil and 8 rattan skewers. To start using it, you will only need to remove the cap, dip a couple of reeds into the oil and then, put in the bottle. That's it! Once the reeds absorb the oil (usually in less than an hour), they start to emit aroma, spreading it across the entire room. Being extremely easy-to-use, the NEST reed diffuser yet looks like a work of art. The glass vessel with modern stripes and sleek black reeds will definitely add a special touch to your room decor interior. 

When going away, the bottle can be closed to prevent oil from evaporating. 

NEST Fragrances NEST08-GF Includes notes of pink pomelo in the use

An Idea for a Gift

Being packed in an elegant box, the NEST reed diffuser can become a great gift idea. If your friends or colleagues haven't decided yet whether to use a reed diffuser or not, you can give it them as a present so that they could try and see its benefits for themselves. 

Detailed review of NEST Fragrances NEST08-GF Includes notes of pink pomelo

Scented Products For Your Home

NEST Fragrances offer a product line for a bath, body care, and home. 

NEST Fragrances NEST08-GF Includes notes of pink pomelo application

Additional Info


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Votivo Aromatic

Summer Scents

Commonly, when buying a reed diffuser, we look for a device that can give some distinctive scent to the room. Interestingly, though, our taste preferences may chance seasonally. What we like in summer might not come to our liking during winter time and otherwise, what we prefer in winter may start to irritate in summer. If this all sounds like you, the Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser will suit you perfectly. It’s pretty cheap yet effective reed diffuser. You'll never get bored of its universal blend containing the scents of red currant, sweet raspberry and luring vanilla that will feel just right during any season of a year. The use of pure essential oils eliminates the risks of causing any negative effect to your health, so you can safely place it in your living room. 

All health conscious individuals who care not only for a nice smell but also for the quality of the air, won’t pass by an air purifier. It will purify the air from most pollutants, germs and unpleasant odors keeping your peace of mind about the air quality in your house. 

Review of Votivo Aromatic Red currants with sweet vanilla and raspberry

Signature Seal as a Sign of Quality

To be able to distinguish an authentic product, the manufacturer of the Votivo Reed Diffuser has marked its products with a signature hand-pressed seal that not only speaks of the quality but actually adds a decorative element to the bottle design. Both, a glass jar and reeds come packed in a beautiful box with distinctive metal inserts, so if you've decided to give it as a present, it would definitely suit. 

Votivo Aromatic Red currants with sweet vanilla and raspberry in the use

Long-lasting Use

The Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser is one of the best reed diffusers for large rooms! It has been designed to last for much longer than most other scenting devices which comes obvious, given its bottle capacity of 7.3 fl.oz. The size this big will let you use the diffuser for about 4 months easily. At the same time, it includes 10 reeds, allowing you to change the scent intensity by placing more or fewer units into the bottle. Let the fragrant magic of the Votivo scents enter your house and settle there for good! 

Detailed review of Votivo Aromatic Red currants with sweet vanilla and raspberry

A Myriad of Fragrances

With a collection of 14 fragrances, the Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser can become a great alternative to scented candles and electric oil diffusers. You will surely find something special for yourself. 

Votivo Aromatic Red currants with sweet vanilla and raspberry application
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Chesapeake Bay Candle PT16314

Refresh and Get Inspired

Aromatherapy is believed to have a positive effect on our health and state of mind. It’s one of the simplest ways one could go to improve his/her well-being and establish balance in life. When you seek inspiration, energy boost or a source for creativity, the Chesapeake Bay Candle Heritage Collection lemongrass reed diffuser will be the right choice.

The sweet and zesty top notes of verbena, lavender and garden mint further open with a tart citrus and minty core of lemongrass and eucalyptus interspersed with spicy coriander. Upbeat with flavor, it’s a fresh and uplifting aroma that will improve your emotional state, take away the stress, anxiety, and depression, and bring the feeling of peace and serenity. Wild Lemongrass is one of 13 fragrances in the Chesapeake Bay Candle Heritage Collection that pays tribute to Maryland’s idyllic shoreline and gives you a freedom to select the scent to your liking. Along with unique nature-inspired home fragrances, the Chesapeake Bay Candle reed diffuser offers a stylish oil bottle design of matte glass that will perfectly blend with any interior. With the capacity of 5.27 fl.oz and 10 reeds, this diffuser will fill your home with energizing and refreshing scents for months and months to come.

If the air humidity in your living space falls below an optimal level, humidifiers will come to help.

Review of Chesapeake Bay Candle PT16314 Wild Lemongrass

How to Set up a Reed Diffuser?

Since reed diffusers have a limited diffusion radius, it's important that they are set in the right place to provide the maximum scenting effect. Usually, it's achieved with the diffuser placed in a crowded place. Another place you could use is somewhere in the vicinity to a door, so you could catch the scent each time on entering the room. In order to increase the scent intensity, you can either turn the reeds upside down or add more into the bottle. Some of the common recommendations on expanding the lifespan of the diffuser include the following rules:

- Don't place it near draughts

- Don't place it near open windows

- Clean the glass vessel after each refilling 

- Keep your device set on a level surface

Chesapeake Bay Candle PT16314 Wild Lemongrass in the use

Self-made Aroma

As a rule, the majority of scents delivered with reed diffusers are finely blended fragrance oils. Have you ever wondered how to blend essential oils together? You can use your imagination and experiment to create your individual scented blends. The main thing to remember while matching essential oils is that some of them feature more intense scents that can dampen rather delicate and soft aromas of other oils. Hence, pay attention to the essential oils compatibility and select fragrances that work well together and complement each other. For example, all floral aromas match and make perfect calming and soothing blends, especially when it come to lavender that works great almost with any oils. Citrus fragrances make a perfect blend of stimulating scents with pine oils, while sandal adds some tart notes and deep woody shades. Actually, the choice of fragrances fully depends on your personal preferences and the effect you expect - to relax or vice versa, get energized. It’s up to you! Enjoy the magic of essential oils! 

Detailed review of Chesapeake Bay Candle PT16314 Wild Lemongrass

The Best Combo of Aromas

Choose your personal match.

Chesapeake Bay Candle PT16314 Wild Lemongrass application
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DANI Naturals DFVA

Lift Your Spirits

Do you endeavor to create a homey and inviting atmosphere in your house? Then the DANI natural reed diffuser is for you. Its sweet vanilla fragrance will permeate your dwelling, giving it a feel of coziness and comfort. Not only is vanilla known for its amazing warming feel, it is also one of the most effective essential oils used to evoke positive emotions and uplift spirits. This isn't surprising, given that vanilla promotes the production serotonin, a so-called “hormone of happiness”.

Created from purely natural ingredients, the fragrance oil will provide a clear gentle scent without any chemical smell. It’s not too overwhelming, it's just strong enough to leave a slight pleasant aroma in a room. Yet, since this delicious fragrance comes in a rather small 3 fl.oz bottle, the diffusion radius is only about 10 feet. Hence, for a big household, it’s recommended to buy several bottles. With no shade of a doubt, once you get this air freshener, you'll fall in love with its scent and effect. Bring the smell of a five-star hotel or chic boutique to your home!

If you are a fan of Feng Shui or simply love spending time on a patio or in the garden with a cup of coffee or tea in hands, you can get wind chimes and make your rest zone even more enjoyable.

Review of DANI Naturals DFVA Essential Oil

Alternative Medicine

Well, you already know how to use reed diffuser with essential oils, but do you know how to use essential oils for aromatherapy sessions? Each essential oil comes with its own therapeutic benefits to enhance our psychological and physical well-being. Though aromatherapy is not a science but rather a fascinating alternative practice, the effect of essential oils is indisputable. They can promote body healing and bring our body in tune with our mind. Whether you need a stress reliever or energy booster, always choose an essential oil blend that fits your specific needs. Thus, bergamot, chamomile, lavender, lime, orange, patchouli, and vanilla are well-known for removing stress, depression, and anxiety. Meanwhile, if you need to brush off fatigue and get rid of drowsiness, use basil, clary sage, ginger, peppermint, rosemary and sandalwood oils. Finally, essential oils of neroli, patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, rose and jasmine work as perfect aphrodisiacs creating a nice romantic atmosphere and invoking romantic feelings.

DANI Naturals DFVA Essential Oil in the use

Slow Evaporation

Though the DANI reed diffuser features the capacity of 3 fl. oz, it can last up to 2 months. Such lifespan is ensured by premium-quality straight and thick reeds that soak up the essential oil and allow for its slowlier evaporation into the air, diffusing unforgettable miraculous fragrances throughout your home. 

Detailed review of DANI Naturals DFVA Essential Oil

Refresh Your Scent

Once you feel that nice fragrance is fading, flip the reeds to intensify the fragrance.

DANI Naturals DFVA Essential Oil application

Additional Info


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Comparison of Oil Reed Diffusers to Add a Pleasant Fragrance to Your Place

What is a Reed Diffuser?

Aromatherapy is an efficient way to relax and shake off stress and tensions of a hard work day, as well as to cheer up and refresh, disposing of fatigue and drowsiness. Today you can find a whole array of items and devices that can add a constant fragrance to your living or working space. Along with numerous types of scented candles, catalytic diffusing lamps and electric aroma diffusers, there are also reed oil diffusers. A reed diffuser is one of the simplest and most effective units that you can use to saturate the air with wonderful fragrances. Commonly, it consists of a glass vessel holding fragrance oils and a set of reed sticks that soak up the oil and disperse the scent into the air. Many people wonder how reed diffusers work and how to use them? Actually, reed diffusers require no burning, they produce no smoke and leave no soot. Since no power connection and nor extra car are needed, you can place reed diffusers anywhere in your house. They will operate smoothly until up to the moment the oil completely evaporates. With that said, reed diffusers are also the safest and the most affordable diffusers presented on the market.

Yet, if you seek for a more controlled way of fragrancing, opt for electric oil diffusers. Creating the mist from the mixture of moisture and essential oils, they will also humidify the air. For those consumers who deal with the problem of too humid air in their dwelling, we'd recommend getting a dehumidifier.

What Features to Compare


The place to set up a reed diffuser largely depends on its design. Usually, reed diffusers are quite compact, don't take up a lot of space and therefore, are typically placed on a shelf, table, cabinet, dressing table or even wash stand. When it comes to a reed diffuser bottle capacity, the larger the oil bottle volume is the longer your diffuser will stay fragrant. Well, how long do reed diffusers actually last? The bottle capacity of 4 fl.oz will ensure a pleasant scent for 3-4 months, while a 8 fl.oz bottle will last up to 6 months. Speaking of bottle material, most manufacturers use glass. However, you can also come across oil jars made of ceramics.  

Reeds carry the aroma, diffusing it into the room, and ensure an efficient work of a diffuser. Most often, manufacturers choose rattan for reeds since rattan has several channels inside the stem that suck the fragrance oil from the bottle and permeates the room with unforgettable scents. Besides, you can find bamboo skewers or sticks. Bamboo is similar to rattan in structure and boasts high oil absorption. You may also want to consider how many reeds there are in the set, since the intensity of the scent directly depends on this number. Commonly, a reed diffuser set comes with 5 to 10 reeds. Most reeds can serve you double time if reversed to the other side. 

The more scents the manufacturer offers, the more likely you'll find the scent that fits your preferences. Most natural scents with the hint of floral and herbal fragrances provide a relaxing and calming effect, while others may feel more refreshing and invigorating. You are to choose which one works best for you. 
As a rule, reed diffusers come with a basic scent, giving you the option to buy a new refill oil instead of a new diffuser.


Q: Are reed diffusers safe??

A: Unlike candles, reed diffusers emanate no soot and produce no smoke. They are based on pure essential oils and contain no harmful chemicals. Hence, reed diffusers are eco-friendly and safe for your health.

Q: How long do scent diffusers last? How often are the reeds to be flipped or replaced?

A: A 4 -oz bottle usually lasts for 3-4 months. You can flip the reeds any time you notice the scent fading or you want an additional burst of fragrance. Normally, flipping reeds once per week should be enough. Over time, the reed might get clogged with dust and stop permeating the scent. When reeds stop diffusing and flipping does not help, it’s time to replace them. 

Q: Can I use essential oils in a reed diffuser?

A: A big yes. Just choose any 100% essential oil and allow the reed sticks to sit in the oil for an hour. You can use just one oil or blend it with two or more oils. After that, try to flip the diffuser reeds every few days and replace them once a month.   

Q: Can I add some water to the oil?

A: No. Since oil does not dilute in water, the reeds will get wet and warp. It will cause uneven soaking and impair scent diffusion. 

Q: Can I add a touch of color to the diffuser oil?

A: Sure, you can. Add a few drops of food coloring to the oils to make your reed diffuser match your decor. The reeds will absorb the color with the oil allowing you to see your diffuser actually working. Just remember to add only a few drops to avoid reeds clogging. 

Q: How can I make the reed diffuser aroma lighter?   

A: You can control the scent intensity by adding or removing reeds. If you feel that the fragrance is too strong, simply take out several reeds. Note, that it is not recommended to add anything to the oil. 

Q: Are there any safety precautions for reed diffusers?

A: Though reed diffusers might seem very simple and safe, there are still several precautions to follow:

- Be careful when filling the bottle with oil or flipping your reeds.          

 - Oils can damage or leave traces on some surfaces.                             

 - Never light the reeds.                                                                            

 - Oils are highly flammable and can cause the fire

Q: Can I make the reeds a bit shorter?

A: Yes, the reeds can be cut to any length. Use a sharp scissors to prevent reed ends crimping. Once crimped, you can roll the reed's end between you fingers to regain its shape. Though cutting the reeds does not affect scent diffusion, remember to cut them before you place them in oil. Avoid cutting oiled reeds since the oil drops can damage delicate surfaces and cause sensitive skin irritations. 

Q: Are reeds reusable?

A: No. Since they’ve been already soaked with the oil, eventually, two different scents can mix in unpleasant combinations. When switching to a new scent, it’s better to use new reeds.


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