How to Choose a Pet Water Fountain

Last update June 25, 2021
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Just like humans, pets vitally need to drink sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis to stay healthy. How to entice them to do that you wonder? Well, have you ever noticed that cats tend to leak running water from the faucets? Pets intuitively choose running water as a cleaner and fresher one. And electric pet fountains are meant to become a consistent source of running water for your pets. Below, we’ll clarify why pet fountains are so helpful and how to choose the right one for your four-legged companion. 

Do I Really Need a Water Fountain for My Pet?

Signs of dehydration in pets

All loving pet owners want the best for their four-legged companions, and there is a whole wealth of pet products on the market today designed to make your pet’s life comfy, pleasant, and healthy. For example, dog and cat doors allow your furry friends to go out of the house and come back whenever they want, multiple pet toys keep them entertained, while special pet foods and pet care products keep them healthy and active. When it comes to the latter, automatic pet feeders along with fountains also help take care of your pets’ proper feeding and drinking, ensuring well-set feeding schedules, which makes them a must-have for any pet family. Let's take a look at all advantages that pet fountains offer. 

First things first, water is vital for pets. Due hydration is essential for their bodies to function smoothly and without “failures”. The right hydration level is a must for healthy kidneys and skin. Maintaining proper biochemical processes, it ensures toxins removal, supports healthy brain function, and promotes healthy digestion. Besides, when it comes to pets, water is a key factor impacting their mobility and activity. The lack of water directly affects their joints, limiting their movements, and making your four-legged companions less active and playful.

Why pets prefer running water

Following their natural instincts, pets need a consistent source of water they’ll able to access during the day. Yet, the thing is that cats and dogs don’t like to drink standing water. Evolutionary, felines and most canines seek the sources of running water to avoid any algae, fungi, bacteria, and mold normally appearing in the standing water. Hence, even if you fill your pet’s bowl with clean and fresh water every day, they won’t drink from it as eagerly as from a drinking fountain.

Pet Water Fountain and Its Benefits

A pet water fountain

A pet water fountain is an electric unit designed to pump up water to create a small waterfall that will be a source of moving drinking water for your pet. Fitted with special tubes and filters, these devices keep the water free from bacteria and impurities and the sound of babbling water attracts pets. So, your kitty or pup will have pure and clean water they will be naturally drawn to. Electric fountains encourage pets to drink more and you can rest assured your pet will consume enough water to stay properly hydrated and healthy. As such, they offer quite a number of benefits both for pets and for their owners.

Fountain Benefits for Pets:

  • It provides a source of pure and fresh water that never gets stale.
  • Circulating through a filter, water in a fountain clears from any side smells and tastes.
  • Animals feel much more comfortable drinking from a fountain than bending over a bowl.
  • Flowing water stimulates natural instincts in pets.

For Pet Owners:

  • You won’t have to force your pet to drink anymore.
  • There will be no need to refill your pet drinking bowl too often.
  • Fountains are sturdy structures. Your furry friend won’t tip it over as easily as a bowl. So, no spilled water.

What to Look for When Choosing a Pet Fountain?

Features to consider

When you are about to choose an automatic fountain for your loved pet, you might feel unsure and even a bit confused about what model to buy since the market abounds in these units varying in size, color, and design. To ease your choice, we’ve made a list of features to check when selecting an electric pet fountain.

  • Material: Fountains are usually made of plastic, ceramics, or stainless steel. While steel and ceramics are more hygienic, they are heavier and ceramic models are also more fragile. Plastic ticks all the boxes when it comes to usability since it’s strong and light making the unit durable and easy to handle.
  • Design: Choose an item that will aesthetically appeal to you, match your home interior, and won’t stick like a sore thumb. Size also matters. A compact unit will be space-saving.
  • Capacity: Models with capacious water reservoirs need refilling once a week or even less and are a great choice for serving several pets.
  • Maintenance: A fountain needs cleaning once in two weeks or so to prevent bacterial buildup inside a water reservoir and a drinking tray. So, check for the system you can easily disassemble and wash whenever you need.

Taking into account these features, we suggest considering a Capsule Automatic Fountain from PetLibro that combines the best of characteristics. Besides, though this model won't cost you a fortune, here, you can get an added bonus. Use the promo code Bestadvisor15 and enjoy 15% off until July 15th, 2021.

With Every Care Both for Pets and for Their Owners

PetLibro functions and benefits

As we’ve already stated, to stay healthy and active, pets need to consume adequate amounts of water no less than humans. While electric fountains are functional helpers in this concern, not all of them are the same, and not all of them will suit your pet. What makes the Capsule Automatic Fountain from PetLibro an attractive option and gives it an edge over many of the rivals is that it was designed with both a pet and its owner in mind.

Starting with the pets, the gurgling water will certainly appeal to your kitty or dog and get them naturally interested and attracted. Meanwhile, the whole unit construction is created to be maximum convenient for your four-legged friend. At 8.9” x 5.6” x 5.5” dimensions, this device will be a perfect fit for any smaller to mid-size feline or canine, and even growing kittens and puppies can start using it pretty soon. Besides, a shallow water tray is super comfortable for pets and in the case of a power outage, it will still hold a sufficient volume of water for your furry friends.

To continue, two fountain patterns allow choosing between bubbles and gentle fountain modes to customize the flow to your pet’s needs. In the meantime, the pump operates so quietly that it won’t somehow distract or frighten your furry companion. Though initially, felines and canines might be a bit suspicious of a new drinking gismo you place for them, curiosity will push them to try it and eventually will get them in.

PetLibro capsule fountain for pets

When it comes to pet owners, with the PetLibro fountain, you'll have no issues with its upkeep. You will also have no problems with putting it together, as the process is fairly intuitive, plus, you get step-by-step instructions included. Another great news, especially for busy owners who are always in a hurry, is that the fountain doesn't need frequent refilling. Featuring a 2.1L water reservoir, it holds enough water to last for about a week, depending on how many pets you have. The water tank is translucent, so you can keep an eye on the water level and refill it in time to make sure your pets have sufficient drinking water at their disposal.

Cleaning the fountain is no fuss either. Made of ABS plastic, all the core parts are disassemblable and can be cleaned under running water (use lukewarm water and a bit of mild detergent). Because the unit has a rounded shape, there are no tricky corners to tackle or to accumulate dirt or bacteria. Also, such a design is safe to put just about anywhere in your house. Besides, the unit has a neutral white color that can seamlessly blend with any modern interior.

Noteworthy, the Capsule Automatic is one of the quietest PeLibro fountains. In fact, you can leave it on overnight and rest assured its operation won't disturb your sound sleep.

Healthy Drinking for Your Pet

Always fresh water

The lack of the need to refill the fountain container is a truly great feature. What about the water quality? The PetLibro Capsule Automatic Fountain takes care of it too. To make sure your kitties and pups consume only fresh water, the unit comes with a filtration system placed between the water pump and a drinking tray. As a result, the water always flows down through the filer and circulates clean.

Speaking of the filter, it features a thought-out three-layer system. Thanks to that, not only does it remove hairs and visible impurities but also it effectively traps bacteria, germs, and fungi causing mold growth. It's necessary to replace it every two weeks or so in order to maintain its high efficiency, but the good news is, you can get it in 4-piece packs, which won't cost you a fortune and provide you with a supply of new filters for a while.

To put a final note, this automatic pet fountain from PetLibro is a real find for any pet owner who wants the best for his or her four-legged companion and seeks the best value for the money. As functional, convenient, and well-designed as it is, the fountain will be highly appreciated by the pets and their owners.