8 Benefits of an Air Purifier

Last update July 27, 2021
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With the rates of pollution levels increasing faster than ever, today, more and more people suffer from such health conditions as a stuffy nose, pain in the chest, various respiratory infections, and asthma. The reason for that is that the air we breathe is virtually overrun with airborne pollutants. More surprising is the fact that pollutants by which we are affected the most thrive not outdoors but indoors, which means we are always at a risk and if no measures are taken, chances are, they may target you.

Surely, an important step towards ridding of indoor air pollutants is to regularly ventilate the space, but the most efficient one, without a doubt, is to use an air purifier, a home appliance specifically designed for solving issues like unpleasant odors, pet dander, dust mites, and other pollutants. The great thing about an air purifier is that not only does it effectively remove pollutants suspended in the air, but also it claims a bundle of other important benefits, the most important of which we describe below.

1. Help Remove Allergies

Air purifiers effectively remove allergens

As just mentioned, home isn’t the safest place to be. In fact, it’s quite dangerous, seeing how many harmful substances and impurities causing respiratory problems surround us, which we inhale every day! Pollen particles creep into our living environment through windows, settling on clothes, carpets, and furniture. Dust mites are more cunning and use us as a carrier to enter our dwellings by attaching themselves to our clothing, hair, and skin, while cockroaches always appear all of a sudden, making their way to our homes by every possible means! To get rid of all these unwelcome guests, the best air purifiers are featured with advanced filters (HEPA) that have the capacity of capturing up to 99.9% of allergens. As a result, they help reduce allergies and aid in eliminating such symptoms, like runny nose, cough, etc.

2. Fight Triggers of Asthma

A purifier can fight triggers of asthma

Since the most common triggers of asthma are pollen particles, dust mites, tobacco smoke, pet dander, and mold, air purifiers with HEPA filtration systems are considered one of the most effective remedies in preventing the disease. In addition to that, because they can cleanse the air not only of pollen particles but also of viruses and bacteria, they help prevent many other common respiratory diseases such as the flu and cold. Moreover, the market has special ultraviolet light purifiers. The distinctive feature of these models is that they not only filter the microorganism but actually kill it, giving you complete peace of mind.

3. Eliminate Tobacco Odors

Air purifiers remove unpleasant odors

Tobacco smoke is another frequent cause of the development of such respiratory diseases as pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma. By circulating inside our home, the smoke penetrates and affects the airways of our lungs, causing especially serious conditions in people with poor respiratory systems. So, if you live with your elderly parents or have children, using an air purifier is vital in order to get rid of the tobacco smell. To give you the gist, most any average air purifier is able to remove a pollen particle at .3 microns, which’s plenty given that the particle size of cigarette smoke usually varies from 4 to 0.1 microns. More to that, as air purifiers also use activated carbon, not only can they reduce the tobacco smell but they can actually attract other unpleasant odors like those of paints, aerosol sprayers, cooking, etc., drawing and absorbing them by their porous surfaces. This way, just about everyone can benefit from using an air purifier, regardless of whether you smoke or not.

4.  Clean the Air From Pet’s Dander

Air purifiers capture pet's dander and hair

If you have a cat or a dog, you know first-hand how badly pets shed throughout the year and how much hair they usually leave behind. This, along with the smells that pets usually leave, makes using an air purifier in households with pets vitally important in order to prevent respiratory health conditions, which may occur even several years down the line. HEPA filters effectively trap such pollutants as dander and hair, cleansing the indoor air of all airborne particles that might deteriorate your health.

5. Eliminate Radon Gas and Outdoor Fumes

Traps chemicals, gases and ourdoor fumes

While we all get contaminated by radon gas and outdoor fumes, which come inside our homes through the open windows and cracks in the walls, too high levels can even lead to death results. To protect yourself from the harmful effects, you should first examine your floors and walls for gaps; if you find any, seal them. And second, use an air purifier, which helps in reducing the levels of radiation by sucking everything in. This is especially relevant for those people who live in large cities highly polluted by vehicle exhausts.

6. Improve Sleep

A purifier helps improve sleep

Not an evident but important benefit of an air purifier is that it helps improve sleep. More often than not, the pollutants suspended in the air trigger such unpleasant allergy symptoms as sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, headaches, tickly throat, and shortage of breath, all of the issues that affect our health and disrupt our sleep. This, in turn, affects how we feel the next day, including both our mood and work productivity. Air purifiers help avoid severe allergy symptoms by cleaning the indoor air from airborne microorganisms so you can relax and get a good night’s sleep.

7. Help Calm Down

Help calm down after a work day

The most advanced air purifiers can offer users other additional benefits. One of the perks that can be found in these devices is the option to add essential oils. Using a purifier like this, not only will you improve the quality of the indoor air by getting rid of harmful bacteria, but also you will be able to fill it with your favorite fragrances and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in the comforts of your own home. Another feature a lot of users find remarkable about air purifiers is the sound they produce.  Reminiscent of the sound of the ocean and the sound of the wind, it creates a calming effect allowing you to wind down after a work day.

8. Prolongs Life

It helps prolong life

Taking into account all the above-mentioned benefits, it only comes naturally that air purifiers favorably affect our health, strengthening our cardiac and respiratory systems. What’s more, they also help to prevent cognitive decline by trapping the finest particles of pollens, which can penetrate our blood system and target the brain. As a result, using an air purifier allows you to minimize the negative effect of the outdoor exhausts and breathe better air quality, thus keeping you healthy and notably improving your lifestyle.

How to Choose an Air Purifier?

Important aspects to consider when choosing an air purifier

In general, choosing an air purifier isn’t a tricky task: they share a lot of features in common and differ mostly only in design. That said, there are two aspects that should be paid attention to. One of them is figuring out what technology they work on (it can be HEPA filtration system, activated carbon filters, pre-filters, UV filters, antibacterial filters, and so on), and the other one is the coverage. Ideally, you want a device that can offer you 20-40% better performance than it’s needed for your room.

Filtration systems in air purifiers

With regard to the types of filters used, the most common type is the HEPA filter. It’s widely used in home appliances providing contamination control such as vacuum cleaners, conditioners, heating appliances. HEPA filters can trap up to 99.9% of airborne pollutants and provide allergy relief, making them a real find for hypersensitive people.

Activated carbon filters are often used along with HEPA filters. They’ve got a distinct porous surface allowing them to attract and neutralize foul odors and gases. If you live near highways or in an area with laden air, using an air purifier working on the activated carbon filter is highly important in order to reduce the negative effect of fumes and exhausts, which may come inside your home.

The advantage of UV filters is that in addition to sucking in airborne pollutants and allergens they kill them, making the air in your space sterile. More often than not, purifiers of this type are used in hotels, hospitals, schools, kitchens, and many other places where the concentration of people is very high.

With this information in mind, it should be quite easy to choose an air purifier for your home, but if you need more help, we recommend the Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4. Embracing most of the valuable features you need in an air purifier, the model also comes at a discounted price under the promo code BEST20 ensuring 20% OFF until August 31st, 2021. 

Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4

Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4

The Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 is featured with a powerful 4-layer filtration system. To specify, it works on the advanced H13 HEPA filter which claims the capacity of removing up to 99.97% of air indoor allergens, a Nylon pre-filter, which traps hair, dander, and other large particles that vacuum cleaners fail to collect, an activated carbon filter helping it to neutralize tobacco smells, gases, formaldehyde, and other odors, and nano silver ions that ensure the bacteria can’t re-occur. Thus, it can perform all of the functions expected from a purifier, catering to different needs. On top of that, it can operate in a space of up to 392 ft², cleansing the air in around 20-30 minutes, which makes it perfectly suitable for rather large rooms and offices.

A built-in aroma tray

Not less important is the fact that the Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 comes equipped with a built-in aroma tray. This means it can help not only get rid of the harmful chemicals and bacteria but also infuse your home with pleasant scents so you can inhale clean and fragrant air. If you suffer from headaches or have issues with falling asleep, breathing in the air from lavender essential oils can help mitigate migraine attacks and give you a better night’s sleep.

Other characteristics

The Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 is also very quiet. It produces just 20 dB, about the same as white noise machines, meaning not only will it not disrupt your sleep but it will actually help you to calm down and make drifting into sleep easier. Also of note is the auto mode function that’s included in the machine. It can sense the quality of the indoor air and based on the real-time results, adjust fan speed settings automatically, saving you from having to keep track of the settings yourself.

Surely, you don’t buy things like this just for looks, but it’s nice when the device looks great. The Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 is just a case in point. Featuring a streamlined white body with a built-in black handle, it looks much more visually appealing and high-tech than most generic air purifiers out there, which means it can effortlessly blend in most home and office interiors. Besides that, it’s very easy to use. There’s a handy touch control panel with an LCD screen on top of the unit where you can select fan speed, timer, sleep mode, auto mode, child lock or reset the filter. Also included is an air quality filter indicator. By changing colors it keeps you informed of the levels of air pollutants in your home. When the color is green, the air quality is good; yellow means fair levels, while red alerts you to a highly contaminated environment. Thus, you can know how good the air you breathe at a glance.

One other remarkable benefit of this air purifier is its portable design. Thanks to the built-in handle and a comparatively small unit’s weight of around 5 kg, it won’t be difficult to carry it between rooms.


All in all, if you’ve noticed that you have symptoms of allergy like watery eyes, stuffy nose, tickly throat, cough, headache, an air purifier is the thing you need. It’s also a must for those who live in industrial cities where the air is highly polluted by gases and exhausts. And if you want a high-quality thing with a wealth of practical features in a modern design, we couldn’t recommend the Toppin Comfy Air Bridge 4 highly enough.