Pools & Pool Cleaners

Robotic Pool Cleaners
Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Many of us enjoy spending hot days in a swimming pool. Naturally, we want to keep them tidy, and the cleaning becomes a headache. Fortunately, we have robotic pool cleaners that can do this job for us. We have reviewed 5 best models to help you decide which one you need.

Best Pool Sweepers
Pool sweepers are suction-side vacuum cleaners that cost virtually pennies and automatically sweep pools without you helping them. The best pool sweepers can even match pressure-side models and robotic cleaners in speed and efficiency departments.
Inflatable Pools
Best Inflatable Pools

It's time to relax! Spend holidays and nice family weekends with pool parties! Oops! You have no pool. Not a big deal! Check our best inflatable pools review and add a piece of pleasure to your garden or backyard.

Pool Chlorine
Best Pool Chlorine

Are you looking for an easy, affordable, and effective way to keep your pool water clean? It's simple! A pool chlorine will help you do all the cleaning in almost no time. Choose one of the best products we've picked up for you and enjoy never ending delight of swimming in pure water.

Portable hot tubs
Best Portable Hot Tubs for a Luxurious Spa Experience
No matter if you are a shower person or an avid bubble lover, give yourself a treat, spending some time in a hot tub, grab a glass of your favourite wine, drop in a bath bomb, and light some candles. A hot tub is not only a highly pleasant experience but also a good way to improve your health and wellbeing. We recommend you to take a quick look at the 5 best portable hot tubs we have chosen for you to help you take your pick.
Pool Heaters
Best Pool Heaters
Do you own a pool while living in a colder climate, or do you wish to use your pool during the cooler months of the year instead of just during the summer? If you answer yes to either of those questions, then you are probably in need of a good pool heater. Read on for our reviews of the five best pool heaters and find the right one for your pool!
Pool Pumps
Best Pool Cover Pumps
All pools require regular sanitation and maintenance. But once it is covered, there is not much you can do to manually remove the water. To help you get the water off your pool cover, we have picked the top pool cover pump devices. With one of these in your arsenal, you will forget about the hassle of keeping your pool well-maintained once and for all.
Pool Floats
Best Pool Floats
Pool floats are fun, comfortable, and even sometimes exciting. The best pool floats let you even ride them and spread out as much as you want. Sometimes, you can even use these floats as rafts.